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Mount Litera Zee School Amritsar is known as 'Dream School' that aims to be an answer to parent's prayers for their child's education. Indeed, this school is a school for tomorrow's that encourages mastery not only of core academic subjects but of higher cognitive skills that the global economy demands. It is a school that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century. Mount Litera Zee School (Amritsar Branch) is one of the top CBSE schools in Amritsar. We aims to make the students lifelong learners who are reflective, communicative, problem solvers, caring and responsible citizens of the world. The school is a joyful learning space where students explore through experimental activities and create with their imaginations. The school stand at the vanguards of the revaluation in education which is witnessing a shift from knowledge. Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar is in fact a pioneer in many fields. For the first time ever, an effort has been made to bring together harmoniously the elements of 21st century learning and the tenets of traditional learning pedagogies.

Without shifting focus from the basic paradigm of a CBSE school i.e. the achievement of high academic standards, the students are exposed to co-curricular activities and experiences. The school can be safely claimed to be the trendsetter in a variety of fields. We are the first school in Punjab to bring the expertise of Mahesh Bhupathi's Tennis Academics for our students. We are also the trail blazers in bringing the Trinity College, London, Examination for Speech and Drama and Communication Skills to Amritsar. The school is the first in the region to bring Shiamak Davar's Dance Education for its students. And the school get the coaches from UK's famous Arsenal Soccer Club for its in-school soccer program.

News & Events


4/2/2020 17:27

‘Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during hard times that the hero within us is revealed.’ - Bob Riley Mount Literans found a real life hero in SDM Mr Vikas Heera who has been working relentlessly to bring respite to those persecuted by the Covid 19 spectre. Undaunted by the threat of Coronavirus he has been in the vanguards of the campaign launched by our District Administration lead by Respected Deputy Commisioner of Amritsar Shri Shiv Dular Singh Dhillon to counter the assault of this nefarious disease. Bringing food to the hungry and compassion to the distraught, he has emerged as a role model for our students and the young generation. We salute his indefatigable spirit to work selflessly for the people. Our students expressed their gratitude by baking a cake for Mr Vikas Heera as a part of their BAKE FOR THE BRAVE campaign. Mannat Samra, student of grade 7 had the pleasure of baking a cake for this real life hero and getting inspiration by meeting him.

Virtual Learning

4/2/2020 11:53

Mount Literans have a way of tackling every hurdle that comes in the way of imparting quality education – VIRTUALLY! While the world mulls over ways of resuming a normal lifestyle in the wake of COVID-19 crisis, we have gone digital not just to utilize our students time constructively, but also to ensure that their academic graph remains high and nothing comes in the way of their erudition. Needless to say, our plans have succeeded by God’s grace and thanks to the hard work of our teachers, IT specialists, eagerness of students and the support of their parents. Here are a few glimpses of our virtual classes …