About Mount Litera Zee School Amritsar

Welcome to begin your child’s journey into being a citizen of tomorrow

Mount Litera Zee School Amritsar is known as 'Dream School' that aims to be an answer to parent's prayes for their child's education. Indeed, this school, is a school for tomorrow's that encourages mastery not only of core academic subjects but of higher cognitive skills that the global economy demands. It is a school that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century. Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar aims to make the students lifelong learners who are reflective, communicative, problem solvers, caring and responsible citizens of the world. The school is a joyful learning space where students explore through experimental activities and create with their imaginations. The school stand at the vanguards of the revoluation in education which is witnessing a shift from knowledge. Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar is infact a pioneer in many fields. For the first time ever, an effort has been maded to bring together harmmoniously the elements of 21st century learning and the tenets of traditional learning pedagogies.

Without shifting focus from the basic paradigm of a school i.e. the achievement of high academic standards, the students are exposed to co-curricular activities and experiences. The school can be safely claim to be the trendsetter in a variety of fields. We are the first school in Punjab to bring the expertise of Mahesh Bhupathi's Tennis Academics for our students. We are also the trail blzers in bringing the Trinity College, London, Examination for Speech and Drama and Communication Skills to Amritsar. The school is the first in the region to bring Shiamak Davar's Dance Education for its students. And the school get the coaches from UK's famous Arsenal Soccer Club for its in-school soccer programme.

News & Events


10/10/2019 1:35 pm

Modern School Barakhamba Road New Delhi MUN is one of the largest and most reputed MUNs, witnessing delegates from all over the country. MODMUN 2019 was no different, with the top-notch delegations, executive boards and organising committee, it was indeed one of a kind experience for Mt. Literans. No. of participants- 9 Committees: 1. Rehan Mehra and Samaira Kumar- AOSIS 2. Zyna Dhillon and Krisha Arora- UNGC 3. Suheil Savlani and Amogh Khanna- UNHRC 4. Amrit Kaur- UNSCAP 5. Ananya Mehra and Kashvi Arora- C-34 And as MODMUN comes to an end, we would like to appreciate all our delegates who gave their best shot and were highly motivated throughout the event, always looking forward to master the skills they witnessed and displaying intention to improve with every given opportunity. Our students have truly held our heads high and proved their worth by voicing their opinions. We feel extremely elated and proud to inform you all that Zyna Dhillon and Krisha Arora managed to receive a verbal acknowledgement in the ceremony. Our delegates enthusiastically spoke in the moderated caucus, passed a motion on the topic— Effects of Climate Change with Special Emphasis on Climate Migration. From gaining confidence to interacting with fellow delegates, to learning how to put their point across, they have been truly benefitted by this opportunity. Mount literans once again take this opportunity to leave their mark, marching forward to myriads of victories waiting for them in the near future.

Heritage education : An asset kept alive

10/18/2019 1:25 pm

Keeping the spirit of the tradition and culture alive, Mount Litera School, Amritsar organized a Spic Macay Workshop, from 11th October 2019 to 15th October 2019, which glorified the richness of classical Indian Dance and Music. Sh.Kalamandalam M. Amaljith is an alumni of prestigious Kudamaloor Kala Kendran and honoured awardee who enlightened students with various gathas from our cultural heritage. He initiated the session with a brief introduction to the art for the audience which comprised of students and teachers. Being a renowned artist in his field who has performed at both national and international platforms, he acquainted students on the art of multi layering of various paints and costumes to enhance dramatic expressions of the artist. Mount Litera Zee school, takes special effort in reviving the culture and tradition through this workshop in actively promoting culture and heritage.